Marie Webster House

Marie Webster's Garden of Quilts

by Rosalind Webster Perry & Marty Frolli


Full-size patterns and complete instructions for 14 of Marie Webster's original appliqué quilt designs!

Marie Webster was a leading quilt designer of the early 20th century. The first collection of her original patterns, A Joy Forever, introduced these patterns to a new generation of quiltmakers. By popular demand, Practical Patchwork now brings you the second book of her floral appliqué designs, with color photographs, full-size patterns and complete instructions for 14 quilts, designed between 1908 and 1930. Noted quilt historian, Cuesta Benberry, has contributed the Preface.


paperback, 128 pages, ISBN: 0-9620811-8-3. $25.00 + $3 shipping and handling.

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 The Patterns (thumbnails)

American Beauty Rose*

Cherokee Rose

Cluster of Roses

Dutch Basket

Gay Garden

Magpie Rose*

Morning Glory

Morning Glory Wreath baby quilt

Pansies & Butterflies baby quilt

Pink Dogwood in Baskets

Primrose Wreath*


Wind Blown Tulip

Wreath of Roses

*photographs © Indianapolis Museum of Art. All other photos and patterns © Rosalind W. Perry

Marie Webster was "at the forefront of quilt designers who modernized the American appliqué quilt..."

Cuesta Benberry, quilt historian and author

"Marie Daugherty Webster is credited with spearheading the quilt revival of the early twentieth century... She opened the door to new ideas evolving from long-standing quiltmaking traditions. A distinctly new American quilt was born..."

Merikay Waldvogel and Barbara Brackman, Patchwork Souvenirs of the 1933 World's Fair

Marie Webster "created designs of spectacular natural beauty. Her floral appliqués immediately ignited the enthusiasm of quilters across the country when they began to appear in the Ladies' Home Journal in 1911. Their popularity has not diminished in the nearly 100 years since her designs first appeared in print."

Xenia Cord, owner Legacy Quilts, director Quilt America!


Review of Marie Webster's Garden of Quilts:

Marie Webster was a well known and beloved appliqué quilt designer active in the early 20th century. Not only did she leave a legacy of lovely patterns, but through her writings she placed quilts in a historical context changing public attitudes.

Here her granddaughter Rosalind, along with Marty Frolli, have gathered her original patterns along with complete
instructions for 14 captivating appliqué quilts. This is the second book to showcase the collection of Webster patterns; the first was, "A Joy Forever."

Marie's floral compositions have not lost their popularity over the years and are just as appealing to quilters today as nearly a century ago. Each quilt pattern is accompanied by a bit of early history and information. Superb explanations combine with color photos and full size templates for ease of completion. This is appliqué at its best.

by Louise Cleland. The Quilting Quarterly
Journal of the National Quilting Association, Inc.
Volume 31, number 1 (#117), Spring 2002. p. 35